The MORE of the 1st page ranking real estate you own, the more POWERFUL your BRAND! There are several reasons why setting up a YouTube Channel is strongly advised. youtube Loans Grants GuideA Youtube Channel and Youtube rankings will also help you with website SEO, as website ranks are often boosted with having a solid YouTube Channel.

Remeber: The Youtube Channel and each video should all contain a link to a page on your site! It is very possible to get your videos on your YouTube Channel and individual videos ranked on the 1st page of Google.

What you need are views and likes, AT LEAST 500 likes on a video.  You need to have AT LEAST 3 videos ranked on the 1st page of Google and each should have at least 500 likes.  Most often this can be accomplished within a week and it is very inexpensive.

How to Make a Youtube video:  It is easy and you don’t have to show your face or talk. But it helps if you do. You can record a video with your webcam, or with software to record what you do on the screen. A video could be a slideshow of pictures and text, or it could be you talking about a product or feature, or it could be a more professional video production. The technical quality of the video is not as important as what you communicate.

How to Set Up a Youtube Channel: You can register a Youtube channel with your gmail profile (make sure you have several gmail accounts that contains your business name).  To see an example of how yours should look, click here to see the Youtube page of the famous Dr Oz.



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