PRIORITY HIGH (if your website is less than 3 years old)


Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and a host of other social media sites may improve traffic to your website as well as improve communication with your target audience.

social media Loans Grants Vip GuideJust like an email list, a good number of followers on social media is something loans officers look at. Here is your chance to get funding by showing off the number of followers, friends and likes. At the same time, while you want a good number of followers, don’t go overboard.  Visit the social media sites of your competitors to get an idea of the number they have and beat them by 5000.

The key to getting many followers quickly is to post actively, slightly on the controversial side. On the other hand, fewer, but more dedicated followers may be more appropriate for your business.


You could use Facebook for customer service, Twitter for more hard sell, and Linkedin to create associations with similar businesses. If you are in Business-to-business (B2B), LinkedIn is the most professional network.

Be aware that having a social prescence takes time and effort. In some cases, your marketing budget is better spent on other efforts, perhaps especially Youtube.

What is Google Plus and its importance in SEO?

Google Plus is Google’s greatest attempt to challenge Facebook, a social network with a burgeoning 800 million plus users. Like Facebook, Google Plus is a multilingual social networking service and was launched in June 2011. According to reports, Google Plus already has about 170 million registered users as of April 2012.

For local businesses, using smart Search Engine Optimization techniques in Google Plus can help yield great results. This is because Google indexes your posts in Google Plus. So if you write SEO friendly posts with good content, then your Google Plus posts could very well rank in local SEO search results. This is due to their latest algorithm called Search+, which derives data collected from logged Google Plus users. It influences search results so that it displays and promoted people and business in Google Plus. So, to improve your local SEO in search engines, provide relevant keywords, include links, and create good and interesting content in Google Plus. You can also connect with you audience through other social media channels.

Attracting Google Plus Followers to Better Local SEO Results
Coming up with a sizeable number of followers in Google Plus can take some work. But to attract them more easily, create a good and presentable profile. People will always trust a nicely-crafted site/profile. You can use the “Scrapbook” feature to edit text and photos for sharing and making your profile more inviting. Also, invite as many people as you can to view your profile.

Also, Google Plus makes it easier for you to target and interact more directly with followers. It is more intuitive in that way, and allows you to organize followers into groups of your preference. You can also optimize your posts for local SEO by adding relevant comments to your posts, and working at getting comments from your followers. This way, Google will rank your popular posts, especially in local SEO results.

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