( PRIORITYHIGH: If your website is less than 3 years old)

A Press Release is a short article written about your business in order to have an excuse to publish it. Ideally it should be something newsworthy or at least announcing something important or new. press release Loans Grants GuideHowever, any tidbit of will do. It could be a about the launch, or availability of a new product, moving or opening up a new location, any change in staff, or any perceived relationship with the local community.

Press Releases get distributed throughout various media outlets especially on the web, and serve several important functions.

These press releases come up in the search engines when banks, grant offices, and customers are searching. They lend a lot of credibility to a business and also help the business website rank higher in the search engines. They are to be considered an important factor in determining the viability and seriousness of a business.

If your business is new or your website is less than 3 years old, press releases will be an important consideration when determining your business risk level. It’s important that you have at least 3 press releases sent to various media outlets, and more if your business is new or your website is less than 3 years old.

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