A business relies on its potential sales. Sales come from two groups, past customers and new leads. An email list is a list of emails of past customers and potential leads who have in some way come into contact with your business. Every one of these are potential leads.

In the absence of tax returns showing a solid income over years, lenders and the grant office may consider supporting documents. An email list of past and potential customers may be the best supporting document you can add to your application.

Setting up a professional autoreponder is critical to avoid getting labeled as spam. Autoresponders like Aweber, Getresponse and Mailchimp all have tools to ensure your emals get delivered and opened.

Email List Loans Grants Vip GuideMarketing to past customers is considered less expensive than aquiering new ones. That is why you want to make sure you collect the email of every customer. Also, new leads must be collected among anyone that comes into contact with your business. If they found your website or ad, they are obviously in your target audience, and potientially a hot lead.


How to get leads to your email list

Make sure your marketing and sales process includes an autoresponder or another kind of email collection. In its simplest form, you could for instance have a hand written list standby at the register. But your best bet is an autoresponder. An autoresponder automatically sends out pre-made emails to every lead that registers their email. To get people to register, offer a free service, coupon or report on the front page of your website.  To get the freebie, the visitor has to fill in name, phone number and email address.

How to make money from you email list

An email list is a personalized advertising board. Send your subscribers free information and offers on a regular basis. Keep a dialogue and design a sales funnel.

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