Live chats are a key component to sustomer service, and shows stability and long term commitment. customer service Loans Grants GuideBanks and grant offices are actively checking to see the type and level of customer service that businesses have in place before they consider them for loans and grants. This can wait if you’re not in a hurry, but we’ve collected a few companies you can choose from that you might want to consider if you don’t already have a live chat service set up.


Lenders, banks and grant offices will require someone to answer calls during business hours OTHER than you.  If you have a secretary you are fine, but if you don’t, you should get an answering service or a virtual receptionist. It’s important that your business is available during business hours. Having a virtual answering service or receptionist, at least until you get the loan, is important because it demonstrates your business’ stability.  It’s strongly advised that you get this set up well before submitting your credit application.

DO NOT CONFUSE A VIRTUAL ANSWERING SERVICE WITH A VIRTUAL OFFICE.  Do not get a virtual office, as that will blacklist your company. Using your home address is just fine. A lot of startups and established businesses are home-based, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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