Welcome To The Loans and Grants VIP Guide. This guide is created as a FREE resource to empower your company to qualify for business funding.

If your business is based in the USA, has been in business for more than a year, and had more than $100.000 in gross revenue in the last year,
go directly to application. >>>

This VIP Guide is created specifically for businesses that do not prequalify as stated above. Businesses get declined for loans or grants because they fail to do the things necessary to prove their business is strong, vibrant and resilient to the dynamic economic strains. Business LoansThe Guide will teach you exactly what the lenders, banks and government agencies want to see from a business before they approve a loan or grant.

Use the resources and sponsors we feature to find trusted companies that offer the services you need. These are the resources that have helped other businesses obtain funding, so we know it works.

In the menu on the left, you will see 10 action steps. Once your business completes all 10, you will have a 97% chance of getting some kind of funding from our lender! As best you can, finish each step before you move on to the next. You will be taken to an application form after you complete the last step of the guide. The steps are color coded in order of priority

  • Unless you complete the items marked HIGH  you will not have any chance of funding
  • Uless you complete items marked MEDIUM your chances for funding is minimal.
  • Unless you complete item marked LOW your chances for funding is good, but the amount awarded will be significally less.

If your company is less than a year old, or if your company did not have a gross revenue of at least $100.000 in the last year, we want to work with you to get there. This guide is meant as a resource for you to use in the following months to help your buisness qualify for funding in the shortest time possible. However, it could be that you are in the wrong business, and spending your valuable resources on a business model that does not give you back what you invest.

If you own a small business, and you are not making the kind of income you want for yourself and your familily,  click her to learn more about healthy business opportunities.

*The steps in this guide are universal, and following them will help you get funded in any country. But if you are NOT a US company, our lender CANNOT offer you a loan.

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